Sunday, December 16, 2012

Nightmare work trip to Dallas on American Airlines

This past week I had occasion to fly down to Dallas to argue a case against enforcing a subpoena to identify several anonymous posters, then on to Michigan to defend the anonymity of another Doe defendant the following day.

My flight to Dallas on American Airlines is the worst experience I have had with an airline in recent years.  Generally speaking, I hate to entrust airlines, and especially domestic American airlines, with my baggage, because most airlines charge extra for checked luggage, because I hate to risk loss or damage, and because waiting in line to checked luggage, then waiting to retrieve luggage on arrival, usually adds thirty minutes to the flight.  On this trip, though, the quantity of the files I needed to bring along for the two consecutive oral arguments meant that I would need two online bags just for my work materials; my suitcase had to be checked.