Saturday, September 14, 2013

Which is the REAL Message from Reed College President John Kroger?

Controversy has erupted at my alma mater, Reed College, over an odd tradition that has emerged in recent years, in connection with the basic Humanities 110 course, which studies Greek and Roman culture from the vantage point of several different academic disciplines, and which every freshman is required to take.  Apparently, Reedies who have already completed the course appear outside the hall where the first lecture of the year is to be held, attired (or, not attired at all) as the gods and goddesses who will be at the heart of the coming year’s studies.  Some students don’t like this tradition.

Your task is to guess which of the following three missives is the one that President John Kroger  sent to the entire Reed community, announcing that somebody has opted to treat the affair as a violation of Title IX.   Is it Version A, Version B, or Version C?