Saturday, October 5, 2013

Adams Morgan PorchFest

I might well have missed in otherwise, but our next door neighbors Jorgen and Anne lent their porch for use by the first Adams Morgan Porchfest.  The first couple of performers were not inspiring, so after cutting up vegetables for gazpacho on this unseasonably warm day, I wandered down the street to see what else was happening.   Joe Pollock was playing some nice guitar

and I enjoyed the Greentop Ramblers who were performing on the porch of the Adams Inn, our neighborhood B&B;
Greentop Ramblers at Adams Morgan PorchFest

there was a reasonable crowd gathered in front .

But the best was saved for last -- a unique Latin-Irish band called La Unica  performed on Jorgen's porch from 4:45 until after 6 PM

La Unica at Adams Morgan PorchFest

La Unica at Adams Morgan PorchFest

I would gladly hear them again, and so, I imagine would the more than a hundred others who gathered in the street to listen and bounce while they played.
Crowd gathered in front of 1700 Lanier Place NW to hear La Unica

Crowd gathered in front of 1700 Lanier Place NW to hear La Unica
Eventually a squad car came by, and the driver insisted that everybody step up or back to the sidewalk; we invited several people onto our porch.

Will we have to close the street for next year's fest?

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  1. Hi Paul, thanks much for your post on our Porchfest show, we had a great time. We just wanted to let you know that we'll be back in the Adams Morgan area playing at Rumba Cafe on Friday, December 6. We'd love to see you and your neighbors again!
    La Unica