Sunday, August 3, 2014

Street art in Rio de Janeiro -- part two

Although our Santa Teresa neighborhood had the greatest concentration of murals, we saw a good number of them in the Lapa neighborhood just below

This mural was near the bottom of the tram up to Corcovado

And we saw these from the windows of the van on our way up to the entrance to the national park

FIFA's Sepp Blatter comes in for commentary in this mural

This mural was over a bar in the middle of Lapa, where a huge crowd was gathered to watch Brazil's humiliation in the semifinal game
This one was along Rua Lavradio

We did not get deeply enough into Rocinha to see the murals in the alleys, but this one was in plain view from the main road

These were in the alleys of Vila Canoas

And this was on the ground of a small playground at the edge of the community

We only noticed this one work walking in Copacabana

While this was in Gloria, on the way back up to Santa Teresa

 This was on the wall of a construction site in Flamengo, near the entrance to the aerial car to Sugarloaf

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