Sunday, August 23, 2015

South Africa retrospective

Back in 2010, before I created this blog, the Washington Post had the nice idea of increasing its coverage of the World Cup in South Africa by inviting readers who were going to be in attendance to post text and photographs about their experiences at the games and in the country in between the games.  Over my time in South Africa, I posted roughly twenty pieces, some short and some long, accompanied by photographs.  I was one of about a dozen readers who responded; the experience gave me a taste for blogging about my travels and led directly to the creation of this blog, hoping that others can learn from my experiences in planning their own travels.

Recently, one of my colleagues as work planned a trip to South Africa, and I wanted to pointed him to my Washington Post blog to get my recommendations, as I have pointed others to my blogging about Norway, Argentina, Utah, Brazil, Tanzania, and other places for a summary of my experiences and recommendations.  But I noticed that only a small group of the blog posts were easily found, and that the photographs were no longer posted. 

Over the next few weeks, I'll be restoring my 2010 World Cup blog posts online by posting them here, along with the relevant photographs.  I hope others will find them useful.

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