Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Tick, tick, tick, tick....

We picked up son Sam at the Johannesburg airport on the evening on June 20 and were all set to leave for Pilanesburg National Park the following morning, but our departure was delayed by a brief introduction to the South African medical system. Nancy noticed a suspicious dark spot on the back of her knee that she thought might be a tick; further examination suggested that I might have one, too, no doubt acquired in one of the nature preserves we had visited in the past couple of days.   So, we made a quick appointment with the Hatfield Travel Clinic; an hour later, a doctor called us in, found three ticks on Nancy and one on me, and quickly extracted them.  He reassured us that tick bites in the Pretoria area rarely lead to tick fever.   He himself has had ticks over a hundred time with no fever.  We paid roughly $60 and were on our way to Pilanesburg only a couple of hours late.

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